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Overwrite available disk space to erase deleted files.


Quick Start
1 Click above to download the installer for your operating system.

Click "Start" to install Space Erase. It's 100% clean. More...

3 Select any drive or folder on your system.

Click "Start" to erase the space on that volume.



When you "delete" a file, your operating system simply marks the file's disk space as being available for re-use. The file is actually still there.


If you fill your disk, all deleted files will eventually be overwritten. But in the meantime, simple "undelete" software can recover much of the data.


Before you sell a computer, use Space Erase to completely erase your deleted files, such as bank and tax records.


After you buy a used computer, use Space Erase to completely erase the previous owner's deleted files. You don't want lawyers discovering (someone else's) illegal content on your computer.


So, Space Erase deletes files?

No. It won't touch any of your files.
Oh I see. It empties my Recycle Bin, right?

No. Space Erase won't harm ANY of the files that you can see, even the ones in the Trash folder.

If it doesn't do anything, tell me again why I need it?

Space Erase wipes clean all the available space on your disk, which includes any files that you have already deleted, so they can never be "undeleted". After you run Space Erase, files that you thought were gone forever really will be.

Why should I worry about old, deleted files?

Because they are a gold mine for lawyers. If a judge agrees that evidence of a crime is probably stored on your computer, the very first step is Discovery, a surprise visit from a sheriff and some folks with a search warrant who open all of your PCs and make exact copies of all the data on all of your hard drives--yes, including "deleted" files. Then the lawyers can poke through it all looking for something you might be guilty of. More...

But no one wants to sue me.

Suppose CompanyA sues CompanyB, and either one of them guesses that something on your computer might help their case in court. Then you will receive a subpoena demanding the contents of your computer as evidence. More...

I'll just wait for them to subpoena my computer, and then run Space Erase, OK?

The judge will spank you so hard, you will cry like a little girl.
Why does Java give a "Security Warning" when I install?

Space Erase needs to overwrite the unused space on your hard drive. More...


To completely erase an entire drive, check out Darik's Boot and Nuke.

Space Erase's easy-to-use multi-platform installers were built with install4j.

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