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3100 movies rated with your kids in mind.


Quick Start

Download Kids in Mind. (Requires Java.)


Click "Start" to install Kids in Mind. More...

3 Type the first few letters of a movie title, such as "air f".
4 See the 3 colored bars on the left? They show the amount of nudity, violence, and profanity.
5 Hover over the title to see the numeric ratings.
6 Click on the title to open the full kids-in-mind review in your browser.


This Kids-in-Mind viewer will need your permission to read movie ratings from the kids-in-mind web site. More...


Mom! Dad! Can we go see Bob Changes a Flat?

Maybe you know it's rated PG-13, but you still don't know why. Is Bob on his way to an adult situation when he has the flat? Does Bob curse the heavens for his misfortune? As Bob struggles with the flat tire, is he graphically smashed by a passing motorist, or does he simply reveal gratuitous butt-crack?

The best place to find out is, and this viewer displays a quick summary of all their ratings.

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