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Tiny send-only email program.


Quick Start

Download Mail Sender. (Requires Java.)


Click "Start" to install Mail Sender. It's 100% clean. More...

3 At the top, enter your account information for any SMTP mail host. It does not have to be the same host where you collect incoming email.
4 In the "From" field, you can use any of your return addresses. It does not have to match the host.
5 Enter "To" and "Subject", then type your message.
6 Click "Send".


The "To" field looks like it only accepts a single line, but actually it expands to hold as many lines as you need. So, you can paste in, say, 10 addresses on 10 lines. CC and BCC work the same way.


If you're making a bulk mailing, you probably want to use the BCC field.


The "From" field can even be a fake return address, like the spammers do.


When you close Mail Sender, it saves all the fields for the next time you run it.


Note: Mail Sender will need your permission to access the internet. More...


I can already send email. Why would I want Mail Sender?

I used Yahoo Mail to collect my various email accounts. But when I sent mail through Yahoo, they (1) added their advertising at the bottom, and (2) didn't let me choose my return address. So I wrote Mail Sender.

Why does Java give a "Security Warning" when I install Mail Sender?

Mail Sender will need to access the internet to send email. More...

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