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Eliminate duplicate files.


Quick Start
1 Click above to download the installer for your operating system.

Click "Start" to install Keep One. It's 100% clean. More...


Drag and drop folders or files into the Keep One window.


Keep One finds files which are exact copies of each other, and

5 displays groups of these duplicate files.
6 Select some or all of the groups.
7 Remove extra copies using the Delete menu.


Keep One is very careful to always "keep one" of the duplicate files.


You don't have to wait for Keep One to finish "processing" files. You can drag-and-drop more files, or start removing duplicates as soon as they are found.


Note: Keep One will need your permission to read and delete duplicate files on your disk. More...


Why would anyone even have duplicate files?

It happens every time you select a file or folder and choose "Copy".

Maybe you go through a bunch of mp3s and copy some into an Oldies folder, or you copy selected images into a Holidays folder.

Often I copy a folder of images or videos before I edit them--so that I don't overwrite the originals. But then I lose track of which ones were actually edited, especially if I've renamed them.

How about this? Suppose you've been keeping simple backups of a busy folder by copying it to an external drive every month. You have backup-Jan, backup-Feb, backup-Mar, and so on. Now you're out of space and about to delete the oldest folder, backup-Jan. Wait! Instead, you can drop backup-Jan and backup-Feb into Keep One, and only delete the duplicate backup-Jan files. That keeps the unique January files, and still saves a lot of space.

What if duplicate files have different names? Or what if two different files have the same name?

Keep One ignores file names. Instead, it compares the actual content of the files.

What if two files are almost identical?

Keep One will not list files as "duplicates" unless every byte matches.

What if I don't want to keep any copies of some file? How can I delete them all?

To reduce danger, Keep One is careful to always keep one copy. It only deletes "extra" copies, never the last copy. You'll have to delete the last copy in the usual way, using the Finder or Windows Explorer.

Keep One usually runs quickly--"Comparing 12 files", "Comparing 1423 files", and so on--but sometimes the file count freezes for a while.

Imagine you have an extra copy of a big video clip. When Keep One encounters the duplicate, it needs to compare every byte of both files to verify that they are identical. That stops the file counter.

Why does Java give a "Security Warning" when I install Keep One?

Keep One will need to access your hard drive. More... Keep One reads, compares, and--at your request--deletes files that you've dragged and dropped into its window.


Keep One's easy-to-use multi-platform installers were built with install4j.

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