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Delete spam before downloading your email.


Quick Start

Download Mail Bin. (Requires Java.)


Click "Start" to install Mail Bin. It's 100% clean. More...

3 At the lower left, enter your email account information.
4 A Black List is easiest to start, so uncheck Mail Bin--> White List.

Click "Connect". Mail Bin displays the headers of any email on the server.


Type "meds" into your Black List. If any headers contain "meds", Mail Bin moves them to the "Hits" list.


Click "Delete Hits", then "Disconnect". Mail Bin deletes the selected emails from the server.

8 Download your remaining email as usual.


If you use Eudora, Thunderbird, or Outlook to download email, you can use Mail Bin to prune your email first.


Mail Bin does not work with web-based email such as gmail or Yahoo mail.


If you change your White List, hits and misses are re-binned automatically.


Mail Bin does not download email! It looks only at the headers, and lets you delete mail that either
1. matches a line on your Black List, or
2. does not match any line on your White List.


How many ways can you misspell "viagra"? Spammers work hard to fool spam filters, so a keyword Black List is not very effective. If you are serious about spam, consider switching to a White List of all your friends. Then Mail Bin will delete any mail from an unknown source.


Mail Bin-->Setup gets your White List started in a hurry.


Changing to a White List
1. Check Mail Bin--> White List
2. Choose Mail Bin-->Setup...
3. Browse to a folder containing saved emails from friends
4. Start your white list with the "From" addresses in those emails
5. Check the "Hits" list. Is it all from your friends?
6. Check the "Misses" list. It should all be spam.
7. Change your white list, if necessary. Mail is re-binned automatically.
8. Click "Delete Misses"
9. Click "Disconnect"


Add a secret password to your White List. Then new friends can include it in their subject line until you add them.


You mail server will not actually remove "deleted" emails until after Mail Bin disconnects. So, after you click "Disconnect", wait for Hits and Misses to turn gray before downloading mail with your regular email program.


Can I use Mail Bin with gmail or Yahoo! mail?

No, Mail Bin does not work with web mail; it's for users who download their email.

Why does Java give a "Security Warning" when I install?

Mail Bin needs to access the internet. More...

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