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1 Click above to download the installer for your operating system.

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3 Go to "Search Author Title" at the top left
4 Choose a favorite author from the drop down menu, OR type fragments of author and/or title.
5 Click one of the matching eBooks.


Guten Reader offers over 18000 public-domain eBooks from Project Gutenberg.


"Search Author Title" uses fuzzy matching; you don't need to spell correctly.


"Highlight dictionary words" identifies 5000 words frequently used on SAT tests. Hover over these highlighted words to see the definition.


Guten Reader keeps recent eBooks on disk, so you can read offline.


Click high or low in the custom scroll bar to go up or down one paragraph.


Some of the listed eBooks are duplicates. Some links are audio. Some links are broken. Sorry.

Why does Guten Reader have so many eBooks I've never heard of?

How many have you heard of? Is that number less than 18000? ;-)

I mean, why doesn't Guten Reader have more titles that I have heard of?

Books we hear of are mostly new books, whose publishers are working hard to bring them to our attention. Most Guten Reader eBooks are old books, because they are all public domain. In the US, copyright expires when a book's author has been dead for 70 years.

The title I want is old, but Guten Reader still doesn't have it.

When Disney's copyright on Mickey Mouse was due to expire, the US Congress extended all copyrights again. The UK went along, but Australia resisted for a few years. The title you're looking for may have gone public-domain in Australia during that time. Check here.


Guten Reader's eBooks are provided by Project Gutenberg.

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