Bulk Downloader utility grownup toprated
Grab all of a website's audio, video, or images.


Quick Start

Download Bulk Downloader above. (Requires Java.)


Click "Start" to install Bulk Downloader. More...

3 Enter the "source" URL to search for files.
4 Select type and size of files that you want.
5 Choose a folder for saving all your downloads.
6 Click "Start".

Bulk Downloader grabs every matching file it finds.



To save typing, you can drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste a link from your browser into the "Download files from" field.


To save even more typing, copy a link from your browser, and click "Paste and Start". It will automatically paste over the entire field.


TODO: When crawling an entire web site, or even a complex page, Bulk Downloader can bog down so much it chokes for a couple minutes.


The "source" URL can be a web page, or a single file.

Doesn't Bulk Downloader just duplicate what any decent browser--and even Internet Explorer for that matter-- can already do?

Partly. But with a browser you need to
1. find a link visually,
2. right-click Save As,
3. (maybe) type a name that isn't "pict0002.jpg" again,
4. press Enter.
With less typing, Bulk Downloader can grab all the image files on an entire site.

Why does Java give a "Security Warning" when I install?

Bulk Downloader reads only web pages you specify, and writes only in the folder that you specify. Nevertheless, Java Web Start is justifiably reluctant to connect your hard disk to the internet without asking you first. More...

Why does Bulk Downloader keep skipping "soundeffects.mp3"?

Instead of guessing file types from their names, Bulk Downloader uses the MIME information provide by the server. But some servers send the wrong information or no information.

Suppose you specify you want audio files larger than 1 MB, but Bulk Downloader skips "soundeffects.mp3". That could happen because:
-- the server says the file is smaller than 1 MB, or
-- the server says the file size is unknown, or
-- the server mistakenly says it is a text file, or
-- in spite of ".mp3" in the name, "soundeffects.mp3" really is a text file.

BTW, it wouldn't be bulk downloading anymore, but you can always just enter the full URL of a file that you want.

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