Scrapbook application kid
Assemble an artistic collage of your photos.


Quick Start

Download Scrapbook. (Requires Java.)


Click "Start" to install Scrapbook. More...

3 Select a shape from the top-left Shape panel.
4 Select a "fill" from the bottom-left Fill panel.
5 Press Enter to add that filled shape to your collage.


In the Shape panel, you can even type a "text shape".


In the Fill panel, click "Images..." to load your own digital photos.


Loading images is done in the "background", so you can keep working.


The "Load Images..." dialog remembers your previous folder, even from the last time you used Scrapbook.


Note: Scrapbook will need your permission to read the image files on your disk. More...

Why does Java give a "Security Warning" when I install?

Because Scrapbook needs to access your hard drive. More...

Why does Scrapbook need access to my hard drive?
When you click the "Images..." button, Scrapbook reads your image files to include them on the Fill panel.
Will Scrapbook let my kids crop, scale, rotate, and ruin all my precious digital photos?
No, Scrapbook works with copies of your images. Your existing files are never changed. The only way to lose a file using Scrapbook would be by
1. exporting your Scrapbook image
2. choosing the same folder and name as an existing file, and
3. clicking "Yes" to replace the existing file.
It would be much easier for your kids to destroy files with Windows Explorer.
How do I save the collage I've created?
Use File-Export to save your collage as a single image. (It's not called "File-Save", because you can't reopen it later and continue editing the individual pieces.)

Thank-you Bob Cooksey for some great textures.

ImageJ (Free,Java) Advanced image processing by Wayne Rasband at NIH. For an easy sneak peek, you can click this old version of ImageJ that we repackaged for Java Web Start: Download ImageJ_2005.

easyPhoto (Free,Java) Simple image processing. Download easyPhoto.

Collage Machine (Free,Shockwave) Limited to a tiny 324x368 work space and built-in images only, but its an easy way for kids to get a lot of results with just a few clicks.

PhotoMix (US$29,Windows) Similar to Scrapbook. Professional backgrounds and layouts also available (US$5) for quick results.


Sky Captain Collage
Sky Captain Collage

Paris Collage
Paris Collage

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