Movie Maze game kid
Achieve stardom by solving the maze of show biz.


Quick Start
1 Click above to download the installer for your operating system.
2 Using arrow keys, move the red dot to the red circle.
3 Black squares block your path.
4 Blue squares use up your "power". You can enter blue squares until your power is gone.


You can move using the s, d, f, and c keys instead of the arrow keys.


You can move using the mouse instead of keys. The dot will move toward your click.


Hints: asks the computer to suggest a move.


Try Again: Undo all moves in this maze. You get your power back, but not your hints.


Undo Move: go back one move. You get your power back, but not your hints.


Easier, Similar, Harder: start a completely new maze which is--yes, that's right--easier, similar, or harder than this one.


Adjust music volume with [ and ] keys.

Hey, why doesn't the "Harder" button work?
You can't do a harder level until you've solved a maze at the current level.
I got a maze that started me on a black square. What's up with that?

You can't enter a black square, but you can leave one. If you start on a black square, imagine you are jumping off it into the white trench.

Can I save a maze to finish later?
Sorry, no.
I loved the music, but now I hate it.

Press the left square-bracket [ key until the music volume goes down to zero.

Can I save whatever level I've reached so I don't keep starting back at level one?
Movie Maze already remembers. Even though it always starts at level one, you can click the "Harder" button past any level you've already solved.

What is the highest level anyway?

Star of a Major Motion Picture

Thank-you Wesley for suggesting a game about the film industry.

Look-and-feel courtesy of Karsten Lentzsch at JGoodies.

Thank-you Ray Allen Gebhardt for the addictive music.

Movie Maze's easy-to-use multi-platform installers were built with install4j.

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