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Download Story Changer.

2 Change "Beta" Tessa's report on the Wright Brothers.
The left column contains a list of interesting words that are used in the story on the right.
Words in the story are replaced with the words you type on the left.


This Story Changer preview can't open any other stories yet.


Doesn't Story Changer just duplicate the search-and-replace function of any word processor?

Yes, Story Changer basically just does a lot of search-and-replace. But it works instantly, as you type, so "search" is not really the right word. Plus, Story Changer selects interesting words you might want to replace, and it's smart about capitalization.

Can Story Changer work with my own files instead of just the "Wright Brothers"?

Maybe someday. Leave a comment if you'd like to put your own stories into Story Changer.

Why do I get a "Security Advisory" when I try to Save my story?

Java Web Start is asking if it is OK to let Story Changer write to the file you select. Of course it is; that's what "Save" is supposed to do.

The warning is there because an evil program might ask "Where is your most important and irreplaceable file?", and then write over that.

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