Secure Med application grownup preview
Obscure form fields for secure data entry.


Quick Start



Download Secure Med. (Requires Java.)


Click "Start" to install Secure Med. It's 100% clean. More...

3 Start with a folder (or zip file) full of scanned form images.

Drag and drop the folder into the Secure Med window.


Secure Med shows previews on the left, and the first form on the right.

6 Using the mouse like a highlighter, select areas to obscure.
7 Use up or down arrows to verify that all the scans are properly aligned.
8 Click "Obscure fields..." and enter a name for the folder which will hold the secure forms.


Note: Secure Med will need your permission to read and write image files on your disk. More...

If I black-out social security numbers, how can I get them back?

Secure Med does not overwrite the original scans. It processes copies of your files, and saves them in the folder you specify. (If you are processing a folder named "PatientData", you could save the results in "PatientData-NoSSN".)

I goofed up one of my highlights. How do I delete it or undo?
Uh, oops. Close the app and re-open it. Hey, this is just a test version, OK?

Why does Java give a "Security Warning" when I install Secure Med?

Secure Med will need to access your hard drive. More... Secure Med reads the image files you drag-and-drop into its window, and writes revised image files to the folder you specify.

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